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We Are Dark Pop Music

Dark Pop Music Group is an independent collective, blurring the lines between record label, production house, and artist management agency. Founded in 2015 by Aaron Campbell and Justin Andersen, Dark Pop Music Group is responsible for the development and early success of artists like Mark Diamond, BRVTHR, and AARONN. Amassing over 150 million streams on Spotify, multiple sync placements on national and international TV, a number one single on Soundcloud's worldwide Folk/Singer-Songwriter charts, and a series of placements among some of the most prevalent indie music influencer's channels, blogs, and playlists (Mr. Suicide Sheep, Jack Baran, Apeiron Music, and many more) - Dark Pop Music Group is committed to challenging the definition of "popular music" in the ever changing climate that is the music industry. We empower independent artists, encourage unique ideas, and take the risks necessary to stand out amidst an overwhelmingly large, and growing, crowd of creators.

We are songwriters, producers, artist developers, managers, tastemakers, and revolutionists. We are Dark Pop Music Group.

Dark Pop Music founders, Aaron Campbell, Justin Andersen




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